>The pipe and the rope look the most useful. and you can fold the box into a nice hat.


“Nice” is being a bit generous, the hat came out moist and battered. You add it to your inventory, along with the pipe and the rope.

>take rope for sure, pretend pipe is a cool ninja sword and make box armor

Well, the hat could possibly be considered ‘armor’, but you really don’t want to put this thing against your body, it’s kind of old. Still, you plan to use the pipe like a katana at some point.

>Go to the donut shop where I have my appointment and call the number on my hand from there.This way we can play the donut and hand-number factions against each other… if need be… >:D


You’re pretty sure you don’t have an appointment on that receipt. Looking more closely, it’s denoting the quantity of donuts you purchased. You’re not actually sure why they gave you a receipt for it. No need to bring ink and paper into this. You can’t imagine a scenario in which you need to prove you bought a donut.

Anyway, you can keep an eye out for it but you don’t know even know where it is from here. For now, you file the receipt under ‘D’, for ‘donut’. As for the number on your hand, you’re not sure what faction is behind that yet, but someone in this city must have a phone you can use.

>Check surroundings to see in which direction I could go and how to get there

Apart from the staircase and the ladder, you search for paths behind you.