>Effin’ Parkour jump right to those sliding glass door things like a ninja and invade the apartment. It’s OK, you can use the hat as protection and the pipe will come in handy for layin’ the smack down on suckahs.

>Agree, flippin parkour that shit to that Apartment porch, but only invade after some intense mouth breathing on the glass while looking inside. If it’s too far go look in the window like a creepy ninja shadow on the same platform.


Well, you may feel protected by your mushy cardboard hat and your rusty pipe, but you just… aren’t sure about breaking into someone’s home like that. It’s not nice.

>Walk to that corner and look around to see how in the blue hell I can get down

It does look pretty far, but apparently you’re a goddamn ninja, so getting down from here should be a simple task. All your faculties agree; that’s something you can do. You parkour your way through the fire escape. This would have looked really cool to someone else if they were watching you, but from your own perspective it’s just kind of wobbly. Well, everything is kind of wobbly. You don’t feel great. Anyway, here you are now at the bottom of an alley.


>Look at your reflection in one of those windows… Provided they’re not super grubby.

The ones on the roof were too grimy from all the smog, but some of the ones down here aren’t so bad. You can probably dust one off. Speaking of your own perspective, let’s see what you look like!