>Go to the shady “Shitty Food” store. Order food and ask for directions.
>Just press your body up against the window of the shitty food store and mouth breath at the people inside nefore sliding off like a sucker fish.


>Storm the Shitty Food store like a knight on crack, drunkenly flailung ariund with your pipe
until they either stop caring or slowly back off into the staff cafeteria, so that you can steal some food!
But dont get a slushie suprise, its made off all the fluids from the XXX Porn studio after a long day…







Oh, look, it’s empty.  Kinda looted too.Sad.


>*pssh* All this talk of working, trading, robbing, and hunting. Be a real lateral thinker and don’t earn food, just steal it from the garbage! If there’s no real food, there’s sure to be some porn you can eat! Anything you can’t digest and break down into deadly poisons can be ground up to get your intake of insoluble fiber. Boom.

Yeah, this is… good.


>Also, investigate that body in the doorway of said food porn shop.

Oh, right, directions. Also potential cannibalism. I mean… what?


“Uh, excuse me, hoss?” You start nervously. It’s come to your attention that you may be socially awkward.
“Heruhng?” He answers with an eloquence that resonates with your very soul. Now you just need to decide what your destination is.