>You have orange eyes, a purple Mohawk, pierced tongue, and a Slayer t-shirt.

>Over the Slayer t-shirt you wear a vest that has that bears among its many patches and buttons, one of Mitch Hedberg.
On your face you have an expression of dawning realization how cool that donut cashier was.
The vest may have been a jacket at some point, but you made the decision that free shoulder and wrist equipment slots would be way more optimized for your build. Though the sleeves are gone now, perhaps they can be rediscovered later in your journey…

>Well aren’t I one dashing bastard with orange eyes and a purple mohawk. Also, these ripped jeans of yours effing rock.

Basically, you’re a punk metal ninja, so normally you look something like this:


Oh, did no one mention your gender? Well turns out you’re a chick!

Anyway, you inspect your current appearance in the glass. Some jerk really roughed you up, and you have no memory of who or why.







>How about we not break out legs and look for the names of some streets we recognize and find our way home or whatever.

Bitch, you’re a sweet ninja. Ninjas don’t break their legs. Anyway, there’s a street sign around the corner.

Looks like you’re on good ol’ Dick Street. Probably north of Asshole Lane.




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