>Check skin. Am I green?


No, your skin is blue, just as it’s always been! Not that you’ve got anything against green skin…

>Take inventory, what do I have?


You empty your pockets and lay out your remaining possessions. You weren’t kidding about all your valuables missing, this stuff is worthless!

>Hear an awful howling, being stalked by radioactive wolves.


Yes, the stale breeze carries a peculiar sound. You’ve never heard it before, but you can only imagine what could be making it.

> Climb ladder, survey surroundings from rooftop like a badass ninja


You get up the ladder, and strike a badass ninja pose. If only someone could see how badass you look! The view is breath-taking. And by that, you mean the smog is so thick it literally takes away your ability to breathe. You’ve seen enough to realize you’re on the West Side, near Downtown. There’s a certain famous tower in your field of vision.  Hacking and coughing, you eventually retreat back to the previous elevation.

>Check around your environment. Can you find anything helpful or useful?


You take an account of your resources!

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