I do commissions! Please review the information below if you’d like one. If you have any questions, or you have a request in mind, fill out the form at the bottom of the page! If your request is accepted, I’ll email you confirmation and details and you may send payment if necessary.

Character Commissions

Headshot $10
Halfshot $15
Fullshot $20

Headshot $20
Halfshot $30
Fullshot $40


Headshot $30
Halfshot $45
Fullshot $60

Headshot $40
Halfshot $65
Fullshot $130

Sketched $15
Inked $30
Colored $60
Painted $120

Important notes:
*Deposit is half up front half after (for commissions over $40)
*All extra characters in the image are a separate character price.
*First revision is free, subsquently starting at $5 going up

Comic Illustration

Pencils only: $40
Inks only: $50
B&W Tones only: $20
Color only: $50

Pencils and inks: $90
Pencils inks and tones: $110
Pencils inks and color: $140

Rough story-boarding $1 (This is necessary for multi-page comics)

Important Notes:
*Prices are for roughly 4-6 panels per page
*Character concept art is extra
*You do NOT have to pay me royalties
*Lettering is free for projects I’m doing at least pencils and inks for
*Each price is PER PAGE
*Prices vary depending on detail
*One free revision per page, subsequently starting at $5
*A deposit and payment schedule must be negotiated up front

Single issue (around 24 pages) 1-3 months
Double issue (around 50 pages) 3-6 months
Small graphic novel (around 100 pages) 6-12 months
Large graphic novel (around 200 pages) 1-2 years